RPCC is supported entirely by donations.
We thank you for your donation.

What does the support do?

  • Our office is welcoming and efficient.  Our doors are open and our phone number connects callers to our helpful volunteers and staff.  It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • The desk drawer in the intake room is stocked with pregnancy testing supplies.  In 2021 we had 107 women come in for a pregnancy test.  Of those 86 were positive.
  • Our brochure racks are full of helpful information telling the truth about abortion, the myth of safe sex, the value of abstinence, information on sexually transmitted diseases, and much more.  Every woman is sent home with specially selected literature based on her needs and situation.
  • Our ultrasound room is professional, yet warm and inviting.  In 2021 we scanned 63 young women and gave them an insider’s look into their womb to meet their baby for the first time.  The clients love the flat screen tv that projects their unborn baby for them to easily see with great detail.
  • The nursing station has prenatal vitamins, referrals for insurance, adoption and doctors, nutrition literature and other important handouts. In 2021 the nurses saw 54 teens and women for a medical or nutrition visit.
  • The Mommy and Me Market is our boutique where the young mothers and fathers can use their points (received for maintaining certain responsibilities) to purchase the things they need for their baby.  In 2021 we had moms and dads motivated by the Mommy and Me Market to attend 125 support group meetings, and 37 childbirth preparation classes.
  • We have classes on a wide variety of subjects including; abstinence, sexual healing, pregnancy and parenting.  In 2021 there were 554 men and women come to these type of classes.
  • Our diaper bag layettes are filled with new baby clothes and handmade blankets.  These are the gift we give to our RPCC moms when they deliver their babies.  In 2021 we had 29 women return to show off their newborn baby and receive a diaper bag layette.
  • We have monthly in-services to keep our volunteer nurses, advocates and teachers supported, educated and up-to-date.
  • Even our computer does the things we ask it to do, like keeping our mailing list and statistics.