From the Director

Director - Anita Krisik

By Anita Krisik, Feb. 20, 2022

A question: What if you were to wake up each morning and know—beyond a shadow of a doubt—God had chosen you to take part in a mighty, world-changing endeavor? What would it be like to have the Creator of the entire universe put His arm around your shoulder and say, “I need you. Let’s get started!”

Maybe this sounds like a fictional, fairy-tale. I get it. But we need to understand, God is calling us to mighty endeavors. He wants us to make a difference, to influence this world, to make it better. We all agree with this, right?

As we consider Ramona Pregnancy Care Clinic, let’s think about how God views this mission. How do we fit into His desire for this world?

First, we love and serve the hurting and the wounded. We serve the unsure and the afraid. We even serve those who might see themselves as our enemies. This is just what Jesus asked us to do when He talked about loving our neighbor. Is this part of what God is looking for?

Second, we understand every life is created by God and He desires that each one of His created miracles be given every opportunity to live a full life in the way He designed. Every. Single. One!

Third, we believe faith matters to God. In different ways, we connect those we see to the God who invented faith. We do this because we want every person to find the joy of knowing God.

It isn’t a stretch to say each of these three aspects of our work matter to God. In fact, each of these is God’s will for a world which needs Him now more than ever.

Let’s go back to the beginning of this column. What would it be like to wake up each morning knowing you are part of an endeavor which comes straight from the heart of God? If you want each day to be one of purpose, join us. While you may not be here each day, we’re looking for volunteers, financial supporters and sometimes, regular staff members who believe in doing something bigger than themselves, something which God is looking for right now.

Want to join us? It’s not difficult. Just email me at and we’ll get you started. If you want to support this work financially, visit us here and put your funds to work for a purpose far beyond anything you can imagine.

Let’s do this. God needs each of us to pitch in on a world-changing endeavor, right here in Ramona. So, let’s get started.